A Month With Apple Watch

A month with Apple Watch.

It’s been a month and I feel my duty is to explain the journey I have had with Apple Watch so far. Queue the Apple sheep jokes…

Apple Watch

WHERE do I start?

Ok so the truth is, as with any apple product, I want it before I know I want it. Do I ever need these products? Not always, that’s for sure! I am what people refer to as an apple sheep, I love the advertising and the fact that ‘everyone’ wants their latest gadget in their possession.

As with every apple event for as far back as the original iPhone announcement, I sit attentively at my laptop screen waiting to see what the new thing I don’t need is. I sit with bated breathe for the curtain to be lifted and then obsess over it until I get one for myself. But this is for another post about my unhealthy apple obsession.

So with the Apple Watch I saw it, I wanted it, I got over it, I wanted it again, I bought it. That’s the only way I can put it. Still not available in the Republic of Ireland, I purchased it in the Belfast apple store while visiting friends. I went for the space grey sport version. Is it worth purchasing? Well, 1 month in and I still love it but in a very different way.

  • I find that I’m looking at it constantly to tell the time.
  • I read all my messages on it through the notifications and make a quick decision if I need to reply immediately or not.
  • Initially I was bugging the OH and friends with animated emojis and little drawings sent from my wrist – that has stopped.
  • I then began sending people short replies on it because it was easier and I became lazy – that has had to stop.
  • I played around with every app initially to show it off and convince myself and others that I needed this €500 toy – This continues.
  • The fitness element of it is quite cool and I do find that I stand up when it warns me to – which is every hour. it shows my calories burned and gives me a nice little weekly roundup with medals if I do well. Thanks apple.
  • I’ve used the heart monitor quite a bit, especially lately on a mountain hike. You can send your heartbeat to friends also, but that’s kinda creepy to be honest.

I have tried out many apps but nothing has wowed me and some are slow because they are not native to the watch. They are instead mere extensions of existing apps you have installed on your iPhone. That is all set to change with the announcement of the release of Watch OS2 which is set to be released sometime in September. That’s when I’m sure I will really get the most out of the watch, but for now it’s sitting on my wrist looking pretty right?