Cluck Cluck Goujons

Cluck Cluck Goujons

Soberlane - Goujons

Sober Lane Cork

  • The non burger: Cluck Cluck Goujons – Breaded chicken goujons, with sesame seeds.

  • The side: Rustic wedges with garlic mayonnaise and spiced mayonnaise.

  • The Price: €9.50

Of course I had to go back to Sober Lane to check out their chicken options. I really don’t know which I loved more between their Swine Burger and their amazing chicken pictured above. Once again I chose the rustic wedges as a side, literally can’t get enough of those, and with a side of garlic dip there was all sorts of amazingness going on in my mouth. I’ll be back, next stop their pizzas!