Danny And Annie – Tears!

Danny and Annie

FIRST of all if you have a heart, second of all if it even beats then you need to watch this video! It has been floating around YouTube since 2010. I watch it often and I have it as one of my very few ‘watch it later’ videos and I keep coming back to it.

This Story Corps video is an incredibly cute story of a New York based husband and wife, how they met and how they treat each other daily. I’m giving nothing away but my God if you have feelings you will be super teary by the end of it.

Have patience, it’s not one of those new viral 10 second videos. Watch the 5:51 clip and I guarantee if you have an other half then you will want to squeeze them harder tonight, if you don’t have one then you will squeeze your pillow tight. If you feel like doing none of those then you’re clearly a cold hearted b**ch!

Story Corps is the site that hosts all these amazing videos, and believe me, there are many many more. Once you start browsing you will find yourself lost in an animated true life story. Oh go and listen and appreciate the story of Danny and Annie. Poor Danny is sick. (Uh oh that was the giveaway)

There better be some tears down here at the end of the page!