A Beautiful Swine!

A Beautiful Swine!


Sober Lane Cork

  • The burger: The Swinehound – Beef, bacon, cheddar and crispy onion stack.

  • The side: Rustic wedges.

  • The Price: €1o

Sober Lane is a bar in the middle of Cork City that serves up great atmosphere and some pretty great bar food. They recently opened a second bar in Dublin 4 that I need to get to soon. The burger here was nothing short of delicious and went down like a perfect treat and was complimented by a ice cold beer. You mus tget yourself here for a drink and try out their menu!


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  1. Age before beauty said Luce while yielding the way. And pearls before swine, replied Parker while gliding through the doorway. Is this quotation accurate and is this tale true?

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