Is Bunsen Untouchable?

Bunsen Burger and Fries

Bunsen, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

  • The burger: Double Cheese Burger.

  • The side: Hand cut Fries.

  • The Price: €12.40.

  • Other: Added The White Hag beer €6.

One of the tastiest burgers I have had outside of Cork of course. I was pleasantly surprised by Bunsen in Temple Bar. The place itself is easily missed so you have to keep your eyes pealed while strolling through the street. Inside, the decor was simple but not cheap looking. Tables had condiments and what seemed to be a too large a stack of napkins – You will soon find that you need them.

So we sat ourselves down, still looking around and not entirely sure what to expect, then the menu is presented to us on what can only be described as a business card. Very cool, but this is where I got a bit nervous about the options.


I can assure you that I had nothing to be nervous about. I went ahead and ordered the double cheese burger with the hand cut fries and a nice bottle of beer to wash it all down – more on that in a bit. The burger was nothing short of amazing. My burger arrived to the table, neatly wrapped in a Bunsen branded wrapper. Once I unwrapped it I thought maybe I would need a knife and fork for this, but they weren’t to be seen to I went straight in with my hands. (This is where the mountain of napkins came to be essential)

I am not sure if I can describe it in enough words but I would mention the essentials such as; tasty, filling, full of flavour, mcdonalds Big Mac type cheese – and without a single regret I scoffed it down! As for the chips, they were good, they would be easily forgotten and it’s purely because the burger was so great.

Bunsen comes highly recommended – for dates, friendly meet ups or just for a sneaky bite when rushing around town.