Rawr… The Jurassic World Trailer

Rawr… The Jurassic World Trailer

another teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming Jurassic World movie. The movie is set to be released in June and will be the 4th instalment of the franchise, following the release of Jurassic Park III in 2001. Steven Spielberg is back to to produce what looks to be one of this summers blockbusters.

Very little details have emerged around the plot before the trailers came to surface but it now looks to be set in a Disney style theme park. Genetically modified dinosaurs at the ready to put on a show for the thousands of guests that visit to see these people 65million year old creatures. All sounds good right?! Well of course not, something has to go wrong and this builds an incredible suspense for what looks to show some Velicorapters helping our hero to track down the ‘bigger than T-Rex’ d’saur-on-the-loose. Of course we already know the Velicorapters from the original movie to be incredibly intelligent. Queue poor little Tim and his sister Lex hiding out in a kitchen while the sneaky little Rapters open the door and sniff them out.

The goosebumps on my arms are raised, the little hairs on my forearms are reaching for the rafters, the little child in me is feet tapping and grinning from ear to ear like that of the chesire cat for this movies release. It’s almost as if someone has rewinded the clock to 1993 when I was just a kid and queued down the street and around the block to see the very first Jurassic Park movie. I remember back then all I wanted was a giant movie poster for my bedroom…oh and…for this incredible movie to be real, for dinosaurs to be among us no matter what the risk, and to have a little pet Triceratops in the back garden that I could look after. Nothing has changed since. I wait impatiently for June 12th.

Check out the official second trailer below!

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  1. With little but hand-picked images, props, and a relatively restrained trailer to tease what Trevorrow has in store for moviegoers, it’s still too early to determine just how successful this 2015 will ultimately be for the studio. However, an intriguing viral marketing campaign paired with a trailer that is reminiscent of the original film are certainly encouraging pieces of the puzzle.

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