The Linen Weaver Made It


The Linen Weaver, Cork.

The burger: Classic 6oz Burger €8.95. Doubled the burger (€2) and added Bacon (€1) and Cheese (€1.25)

The side: Hand cut Fries with a garlic dip.

The Price: €13.20.

Other: Pint of beer was included in the price.

The Linen Weaver is the first pub to be opened in Cork by the too well known JD Wetherspoon. It opened in September 2015 and of course I had to go and see how it compared to what I remember of the UK locations. I’ll be talking about the food of course, people already have plenty of opinions about the atmosphere, the brand etc.

Let’s get straight down to it. Rumours of ’13 chips per plate’ aside I did actually quite enjoy the meal. The burger was pretty good, and better than I remember tasting in the UK. Chips were perfect if you ate them quick and before they got cold. Needless to say I was glad I doubled up on the burger as I shoved the entire thing into my mouth. Not at all once of course. I did find that I had to put some extra sauce on the burger as it was a little bit on the dry side.

For now it will be frequented to try some more food. I don’t think it would be a place I would enter unless I was eating.

Favourite part of the meal: The cute blue granny plates.

Would I go back: Yes, but I think it would be best kept as a hangover munch. It seems like the perfect kind of place to go when hungover and needed the cure and a bit of grease.